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What I’m Doing Now

I’m writing a script for Howtoons, the hands-on, interactive comic strip for kids by Saul Griffith, Nick and Ingrid Dragotta, and Joost Bonsen. Through clever, age-friendly projects, Howtoons introduces youngsters to principles of technology and science.

With its blend of visual imagery and text, the comic format can be a powerful teaching medium. Unfortunately its potential is often overlooked. I grew up with comics and have never lost my passion for them. As a journalist I interviewed Charles Schulz, Al Capp, Stan Lee, and Chester Gould.

My Howtoons script features the exploits of Archimedes, the great mathematician and inventor. I want it to be a fun introduction to physics and science history. Hopefully kids will learn without realizing they’re learning.

Archimedes has fascinated me since grade school, and clearly I’m not alone. My colleagues at the Exploratorium in San Francisco recently produced a live Webcast on the discovery of one of his lost manuscripts.


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